Elementary Schools

NeighborFor about a nickel and a dime, and a few seconds of your time, you can easily recognize students with a professional-looking button -- a true reward for desired behavior. As the teacher, you will be there to see the pride and appreciation on the faces of your students. Remember, when a child goes home with an award button, further rewards will likely be forthcoming, which also reinforces the desired behavior

Here are just a few ideas you can use for daily, weekly or monthly awards:

* Friendliest Student    * Most Reliable    * Best Participation    
* Most Thoughtful     * Student of Week  * Best Manners  
* Most Improved   * Most Helpful   * Most Independent    
* Best Citizen  * Neat Worker    * Good Sport

In addition, if your school, organization, class, or parent-teacher group is looking for fund-raising activities or is involved in drug-awareness programs, a button machine may be the answer. You can also use buttons to show pride in your school, or to support projects of any kind. Don't forget art projects, photo-buttons, and school carnivals. 

With the prevalence of quality computers, digital cameras, and printers in every school, it has never been so easy to design the most attractive buttons inexpensively. Once your desired button design is printed out, simply use the included circle cutter to cut the image to the perfect size, then make your buttons, quickly and easily.