Junior/Senior High Schools

Junior Achievement,  FBLA, DECA are just a few organizations that should consider the purchase of a high-speed button machine. 

Students learn about business by running one.  You can provide your students with an excellent hands-on tool that can literally show them what it is really like to run a business.  What better way is there to demonstrate how business really works than to allow your students to conceive an idea, produce the product, market the product, sell the product, then watch the profits roll in?button_sprawl

Our machines are easy to use for one person, but by setting up an assembly-type operation into several different tasks, professional looking quality buttons can be made easily and quickly (up to 250 per hour are possible with our Rotary Machine). Not only that, students can make buttons for fund-raisers, academic awards, athletics, etc. The possibilities are nearly limitless. 

In addition to a hands-on lesson about the efficiency of a division of labor, students can learn about how their creativity can turn into dollars. More than 400 percent profit can be made on each button. For example, If you buy 1000  3-1/8 inch parts, your cost for each 3-piece part is only 20 cents per button. Some schools are selling photo buttons of athletes for $5 a button.  All you need to do is supply the image. 

With the prevalence of quality computers and printers in every school, it has never been so easy to design the most attractive buttons inexpensively. Once your desired button design is printed out, simply use a circle cutter to cut the image (included with every machine) to the proper size, then use the button making components (button front, back and mylar plastic piece).