Start a Button-Making Business

For a modest investment, you can be up and running your own button making business almost overnight.  With the availability of quality computers and printers to just about everyone, it has never been so easy to design the most attractive buttons inexpensively. All you need is a little creativity and sales ability.  How many times have you thought of something really clever that would be a good bumper sticker, T-shirt or button? With a button machine, you have a great opportunity to finally put those clever ideas to good use in lightning speed from the conception of your idea. In the past, you just let these ideas fade away, or you have watched as someone else used your idea before you could document it. Copyright laws protect any work once it is in a tangible form of expression of some kind. With a button machine,  you can be in control of your own venue.  Find your market, sell the idea,  then watch the profits roll in.


Our Button Makers/Machines are easy-to-use for one person, but by setting up an assembly-type operation into several different tasks, professional looking quality buttons can be made easily and quickly (up to 250 per hour are possible with our Rotary Machine). The possibilities are nearly limitless. 

All you need to do is supply the image.  Once your desired button design is printed out, simply use a circle cutter to cut the image (included with every machine) to the proper size, then use the button making components (button front, back and mylar plastic piece).