We'll Make Buttons For You

So you think it might be a hassle to make your own color buttons?  We'll make them for you.

3-inch Completed Buttons (with your design) 

The easiest way to order is if you can provide us the design, either with a graphics file via email or a hard copy via regular mail.  For color graphics files, we ask that you email JPEG files at 300 dpi or higher and at least 33 percent larger than the desired finished button size.  If you send the design in the regular mail, again, please make sure it is larger than the desired finished button size by at least 33 percent.  For example, if you want 3-inch buttons, please send a design that is at least 5 inches in diameter.  Please also consider the round shape of the design. 

If we are requested to do design work for the buttons, a deposit may be required. We can generally complete most projects in 7 business days or less. There is a minimum order of 200 buttons.

# Buttons 200


300 500 1000 2000 5000  
3-inch  89¢ 79¢ 68¢ 53¢ 49¢ 43¢ 41¢

For colored paper (we recommend lighter pastels like green, blue, red or yellow) there will be an additional charge of 4¢ per button (up to 1,000 parts only). We also offer magnet back buttons.  Please contact us for more information.